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Daylily Combinations

Dare You Dabble in Darling and Dramatic Daylilies???! I thought I’d put together this montage of daylily combos to entice you to try some of these stunning varieties. As you can see, these aren’t the yellow, gas station kinds that may pop up in your mind when the word daylily is mentioned! These beauties are absolutely FABULOUS creatues that I am proud to display here on the Farm (come see them in person!). Didja know you can have daylilies in bloom from late spring through early fall? What’s not to love??! They are all available via mail order also…..WOOHOO! Just click here to go to our secure online store and have them shipped directly to you!

Descriptions for trios listed clockwise from top.

Afternoon Tea Time & Angel’s Realm

King Creole & Bela Lugosi

Virgil’s Suspenders & Golliwog

Fragrant Returns & Desert Flame

Golliwog & Mean as a Snake

Desert Flame, Fragrant Returns, &
When My Sweetheart Returns

Marque Moon, Afternoon Tea Time,
& Nosferatu

Monterrey Jack & Desert Flame

Moonlit Masquerade, Indian Giver,
& Early Snow

Moonlit Masquerade, Indian Giver,
& Flutterbye

Moonlit Masquerade, Indian Giver,
& Nosferatu

Moonlit Masquerade, Indian Giver,
& Scottish Fantasy

Now & Zen, Nosferatu,
& Primal Scream

Pizza Crust, Marque Moon,
& Nosferatu

Ruby Spider, Christmas Ribbon,
& Starstruck

Starstruck, Primal Scream, &
Kings & Vagabonds

Stolen Treasure & Early Snow

Sun Dried Tomatoes &
When My Sweetheart Returns

Virgil’s Suspenders, Golliwog,
& You Angel You

Fragrant Returns, Afternoon
Tea Time
, & Monterrey Jack

When My Sweetheart Returns,
Sun Dried Tomatoes, & Matt’s Gift

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