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Peony Raspberry Sundae
Peony ‘Raspberry Sunday’
A Contrary Mary Top 10 Pick!

Contrary Mary’s is excited to offer the following selection of fabulous peonies. AND - very exciting news - our COMPLETE SELECTION of herbaceous peonies (and hostas!) is now available for mail order as bare root plants! Visit our online store for details!

Peony Hillary (photo courtesy Klehms)
An Intersectional Peony in bloom!

We offer 80+ varieties of herbaceous peonies that make a great, low-maintenance, old-fashioned statement for your garden. Plan it right and you can have peonies blooming for a good six weeks! Just plant them in a sunny location in well-drained soil being careful not to site them too deeply (the eyes should be 1½-2” below the soil line.)  First year peonies will not be very floriferous as they spend that year getting established, but after that watch out!! Most make an outstanding cut flower, and even after they are done blooming their foliage remains attractive well into fall - most with blazing burgundy color.  They really are well-worth devoting some space in your garden to as they are very long-lived, no-brainer plants. They just sit and look pretty without many demands!! Once established they are VERY drought tolerant as they are deeply rooted. In late fall, just “whack” them down to the ground - no maintenance issues here!!

PLUS - we also have a great selection of Intersectional Peonies (also called ITOH hybrid). These fantasic plants are a cross between an herbaceous and tree peony. An Intersectional Peony is more like its herbaceous parent in that it is easier (less picky about growing conditions) and quicker to bloom, but the flowers are every bit as stunning as its tree peony parent!

Here’s a list of our NEW awesome Peonies that will be available this year. Get your order in quickly as I do sell out of these wondrous lovelies! I’m also afraid that many are “gotta-haves,” especially the Intersectionals!!!

Peonies New for 2016

Bashful Pink (28” mid fragrant double) $24.95
Cherry Twist (30” mid single unique) $26.95
Edwin C. Bills (30” mid double) $24.95
Electric Festival (36” mid-late multiple forms) $24.95
Fairview (36” mid double fragrant) $24.95
Feather Top (32” mid Japanese) $24.95
Gold Rush (36” mid to late ) $23.95
Great Lady (32” single hybrid) $24.95
Miss Congeniality (36” mid-late fragrant Japanese) $26.95
Paramount (30” early single) $23.95
Paul M. Wilde (36” late double) $24.95
Peachy Pink Cobbler (32” mid bomb fragrant) $24.95
President Taft (36” late double fragrant) $24.95
Richard Carvel (36” early double) $26.95
Rose Tinkerbelle (24” mid semi-double) $24.95
Show Girl (36” early to mid Japanese) $27.95
Steve’s Choice (32” mid double fragrant) $27.95
Sunshine Festival (28” mid Japanese) $23.95
Susie Q (24” mid double fragrant) $24.95

Herbaceous Peonies

Plant Name Height Price
‘A la Mode’ 33” $22.95
Peony A la ModeThis early single beauty has BRIGHT white flowers with very full yellow stamens; she seems to billow and wave in the gentle spring breeze, coaxing you to come over and smell her sweet musky fragrance!
‘Abalone Pearl’ 26” $21.95
Peony Abalone PearlA semi-double with fragrant with coral-pink petals and a golden center. The foliage is dark green and attractive, and it blooms early. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Angel Cheeks’ 26” $28.95
Peony Angel CheeksA bomb type with fragrant cameo-pink flowers that have hints of red in the uppermost petals. Every bit as cute as its name implies, it is an American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner and a mid-season bloomer. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
Peony anomala 24” $27.95
Peony anomalaPeony anomalaThis early single is a species peony from Russia……VERY rare and limited! It has deeply divided green foliage that turns a beautiful orange in the fall, and 3” deep blood red single flowers that have a lily-of-the-valley type scent. A collector’s gotta-have!
‘Apron Strings’ 30” $24.95
Peony Apron Strings (photo courtesy Klehms)This one is double flowered form and late, and what a looker! VERY unusual (and Contrary of course!), with FRAGRANT bright pink blooms that have twisted and frilly lighter pink center petals. Truly a collector’s gotta-have and available starting fall of 2014!
‘Ave Maria’ 34” $23.95
Peony Ave MariaYou’ll be singing this mid-blooming double Peony’s praises! She has HUGE fluffy white foliage with red streaks, and is very fragrant to boot!
‘Baby Whisper’ 14” $23.95
Peony Baby Whisper - photo courtesy Song SparrowThis wee little wonder is a rock garden Peony that blooms very early. She sports lavender purple single flowers with red overtones, and has awesome semi-cut leaf foliage. You can fit this tyke in anywhere and she always looks great! Available in VERY limited quantities.
‘Bandit’ 27” $22.95
Peony BanditThis peony is fully double, creamy pink with delicate silver hues, and blooms late season. 
‘Baroness Schroeder’ 36” $23.95
Peony Baroness SchroederThis beautiful mid to late double flowered peony has very large white flowers with a pink blush that turn pure white. Has a terrific rose scent, great foliage, and is a fabulous cut flower!
New!Bashful Pink’ 28” $24.95
Peony Bashful PinkA midbloomer with FRAGRANT double pink flowers with fluffily middles; she’s a real girly-girl that will elicit lotsa awwws! Available beginning fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Betty Warner’ 36” $21.95
Peony Betty WarnerA great Japanese type that blooms late season with cranberry red flowers with centers just tipped in yellow. Very distinctive!
‘Bridal Gown’ 30” $24.95
Peony Bridal Gown - photo courtesy Song SparrowThis mid-blooming bomb type is yet ANOTHER Contrary fave! She had fluffy white gorgeous blooms that are FRAGRANT and make EXCELLENT cut flowers. Performs outstandingly in the landscape.
‘Bridal Icing’ 28” $24.95
Peony Bridal IcingThis yummy mid-season bomb has full buttery white centers and pure white lavish guards. An EXCELLENT cut flower/landscape Peony, and fragrant also! A new Contrary Mary fave! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Bride’s Dream’ 28” $21.95
Peony Bride's DreamThis Japanese type is one of my favorites, soft and creamy with pale yellow centers in mid-season.
‘Buckeye Belle’ 30” $24.95
Peony Buckeye BelleThis early blooming Japanese form won the 2009 APS Award of Landscape Merit, so ya KNOW how fantastic she is! VERY floriferous, with deep mahogany red semi-double blooms with yellow stamens. Makes a REAL pop in the landscape, and is an awesome cut flower; pair her with some fluffy white ones like ‘Bridal Gown’, ‘Eskimo Pie’, or ‘Festiva Dream.’ Available in VERY limited quantities. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Burma Midnight’ 30” $24.95
Peony Burma MidnightThis single, early Peony has SCADS of small, deep dark red flowers with yellow eyes. Beacons you from across the garden! Available beginning fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
Top 10! ‘Burma Ruby’ 28” $27.95
Peony Burma RubyThis SHOCKING red single peony has yellow stamens, is an early bloomer, and was a winner of the American Peony Society Golden Medal and a recipient of the 2009 Award of Landscape Merit! Both these awards mean that it is outstanding as a landscape peony, is disease resistant, stands up to bad weather, and is a great cut flower (very strong stems and doesn’t flop)! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!
‘Carol’ 28” $27.95
Peony CarolThis TRUE red double is an early bloomer with VERY sturdy stems (no flopping here!); excellent for cut flowers and GLOWS in the landscape!
‘Charles Burgess’ 30” $23.95
Peony Charles BurgessThis Japanese form mid-bloomer has beautiful rich red guards surrounding a ruffley golden center. An absolutely fabulous landscape Peony; available beginning fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Charm’ 34” $19.95
Peony CharmThis Japanese type blooms late with ruby-red flowers with a starburst center etched in butter yellow. Very floriferous!
‘Cheddar Charm’ 34” $22.95
Peony Cheddar CharmThis Japanese form mid-bloomer has VERY FRAGRANT full white guard petals surrounding brilliant yellow centers. Makes an excellent cut flower.
‘Cheddar Pom Pom’ 36” $23.95
Peony Cheddar Pom PomA bomb type with pure white guard petals that have a twisted golden center. Early bloomer. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Cheddar Surprise’ 30” $24.95
Peony Cheddar SurpriseThis semi-double mid bloomer is FRAGRANT and has bright white fluffy blooms with full golden centers that have a surprise in the middle….a cluster of little mini white petals! Intriguing and adorable! Has deep green foliage and is an excellent cut flower and landscape specimen. Available beginning fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
New!Cherry Twist’ 30” $26.95
Peony Cherry TwistA midblooming single unique that’s a real Contrary Collector’s Peony with twisted, ruffly, fluted and Craaaazy petals that are white and streaked with cherry red. FRAGRANT and perfect in the landscape; available beginning fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Chinook’ 36” $24.95
Peony Chinook (photo courtesy Klehms)This double late season Peony has FRAGRANT palest pink full blooms with swirls of raspberry in its center. Yep, one of my faves! Great in the landscape. Available beginning fall 2014.
‘Cincinnati’ 32” $22.95
Peony Cincinnati (photo courtesy Klehms)This double mid-bloomer has clear, vivid pink blooms with silver edged petals; great for cut flowers and REALLY catches your eye from across the yard. Very handsome dense deep green foliage too! Available starting fall of 2014.
‘Circus Circus’ 28” $24.95
Peony Circus CircusA semi-double with twisted petals that are streaked with raspberry and yellow pistils. A real festival of colors! Flowers are fragrant and it’s an early bloomer. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Clown’ 34” $22.95
Peony Clown (photo courtesy Klehms)This single mid-bloomer is a goofy guy that will make you smile with his deep rose pink single petals that have fluffy edges, and large yellow stamens. Unusual and FRAGRANT too! Available starting fall 2014.
‘Cora Stubbs’ 32” $24.95
Peony Cora StubbsThis stunning mid-season Japanese type Peony is one of the very BEST! She’s got it ALL goin on…HUGE 6" fragrant flowers with raspberry pink guards and fluffy french vanilla centers; a vigorous grower with fantastic foliage too! Available in limited quantities! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Coral Charm’ 36” $24.95
Peony Coral CharmA GORGEOUS  hybrid with semi-double blooms that have deep coral buds that open to coral peach blossoms. Blooms early season. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Coral Fay’ 30” $23.95
Peony Coral FayThis semi-double is rose red with coral overtones; very unusual combination! Blooms early and has very attractive foliage all season long!
‘Coral Magic’ 30” $32.95
Peony Coral Magic (photo courtesy Klehms)This semi-double, early bloomer will surly enchant you! She has double to triple rows of guard petals that are glowing salmon coral....mesmerizing! Excellent stem strength and healthy deep green foliage make it a great landscape plant, cut flower, and an all around gotta-have! Available in very limited quantities starting fall 2014. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Coral Sunset’ 28” $26.95
Peony Coral SunsetA semi-double with intense coral blossom that have shades of pink and dark yellow stamens. I’m sure all my Plantheads will NEED this one! Oh, forgot to say that it is also an American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection, blooms early, is fragrant, and has an outstanding habit. Get yours early ‘cause we sell out quick! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Coral Supreme’ 36” $26.95
Peony Coral SupremeThis double flowered form is an unusual salmon coral color and it blooms early season. VERY vigorous and a heavy bloomer!
‘Crazy Myrtle’ 30” $21.95
Peony Crazy Myrtle(Well at least it’s not called Crazy Mary!) This Single form has twisted  & flared petals that are streaked with raspberry and red with a yellow center. Something VERY different for your peony collection; she blooms mid-season.
‘Crinkled Linens’ 32” $24.95
Peony Crinkled LinensNow THIS one has such a cool name and is so distinctive, I’m SURE you can make room for it! It is a single flowered early bloomer that blooms its little heart out! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Dairy Anne’ 24” $22.95
Peony Dairy AnneA Japanese form with white blooms with red, showy stigmas. It is a mid-season bloomer.
‘Dayton’ 20” $22.95
Peony DaytonThis double flowered peony has HUGE (7”!!!) cerise-rose FRAGRANT showy blooms late in the peony season. VERY sturdy and compact! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Delavan Rose’ 24” $23.95
Peony Delavan RoseThis is a Japanese form mid to late bloomer, with 5” FRAGRANT flowers. The guards are deep pink, and the centers are frilly cream to soft pink. A compact and neat grower, it produces absolutely SCADS of flowers!
‘Do Tell’ 32” $26.95
Peony Do TellThis great mid-bloomer is a Japanese type with soft shell-pink compliments and white and pink center. Very limited quantities! American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Don Richardson’ 36” $22.95
This early to mid Japanese form is an extremely strong grower and awesome landscape plant. He has deep cranberry red flowers with full yellow stamens which make a great contrast. A great cut flower too!
‘Early Scout’ 21” $21.95
Peony Early ScoutThis American Peony Society Gold Medal winner boasts MASSES amounts of single BRIGHT red flowers early season. GORGEOUS cut leaf foliage makes this one a show-stopper all season long!
New!Edwin C. Bills’ 30” $24.95
Peony Edwin C. BillsA midblooming double, he’s a VERY full, INTENSELY red, big & bodacious boy with strong stems and a great landscape presence….Magnificent! Available beginning fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
New!Electric Festival’ 36” $24.95
Peony Electric FestivalA mid to late bloomer, this single and semidouble is a real Contrary Creature as she produces multiple blossom forms on each plant! They are all bright, rosy-red and FRAGRANT, but can be single, semi-double, or somewhere in between! Available in VERY limited quantities starting fall of 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Eliza Lundy’ 24” $27.95
Peony Eliza Lundy (photo courtesy Klehms)She is a double early bloomer with very dark, blood red flowers and a compact growth habit; an Award of Landscape Merit winner which truly makes her a gotta-have! Available beginning fall 2014.
‘Emperor’s Buttons’ 24” $24.95
Peony Emperor's ButtonsA single, early bloomer that’s as cute as a you-know-what with lavender-red cupped and upward facing flowers that have distinct yellow to lavender stigmas. VERY strong stems and a compact growth habit make this baby a great cut and perfect in the garden! Available beginning fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Eskimo Pie’ 22” $29.95
Peony Eskimo PieThis is a double, very full pure white peony with red stigmas…looks good enough to eat! An EXCELLENT landscape plant with a compact growth habit; mid bloomer.
New!Fairview’ 36” $24.95
Peony FairviewA mid-blooming double that is BRIGHT white (a Contrary fave ya know!) with VERY strong stems, she is FRAGRANT and will be available starting fall of 2016, so get her while the gettin's good! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Fairy Princess’ 24” $22.95
Peony Fairy PrincessThis little hybrid is a single flower form with bright fire-engine red dainty cupped blossoms early season. Her diminutive habit fits in anywhere!
‘Fairy’s Petticoat’ 30” $22.95
Peony Fairy's PetticoatDoesn’t this just sound like a Contrary favorite?! You really can imagine a fairy donning this dainty pink, very full bomb type flower. It’s fragrant too! It made this year’s list as a Contrary Mary Top 10 Honorable Mention!
‘Fancy Nancy’ 30” $23.95
Peony Fancy NancyThis elegant mid-season Japanese type has clear cerise pink guards and starburst centers of darker pink and white staminoides; VERY showy!
New!Feather Top’ 30” $24.95
Peony Feather TopA mid blooming Japanese form with vivid pink base and a lighter pink center with yellow stamens….VERY striking! Available starting fall of 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Festiva Dream’ 24” $23.95
Peony Festiva Dream - photo courtesy Song SparrowThis mid-bloomer produces heavenly full double white flowers with red flecks; a VERY strong grower with tons of flowers! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Finest Hour’ 32” $24.95
Peony Finest HourThis double mid-bloomer is a very fluffily and ruffily Peony with shades of soft pink to darker salmon-pink petals. Another strong grower and great landscaper that is available beginning fall 2015! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Flame’ 26” $23.95
Peony Flame (photo courtesy Klehms)This single, early beauty GLOWS in the garden with COPIOUS amounts of coral red, rounded, single blooms that have bright yellow stamens. Glossy deep green compact foliage too! Available beginning fall 2014.
‘Garden Parfait’ 34” $24.95
Peony Garden ParfaitA mid-blooming bomb that produces a very distinct and multi-layered looking flower. She has shell pink double guards and a very textured golden and pink center…yummy! FRAGRANT and an excellent cut; available beginning fall 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Gardenia’ 34” $19.95
Peony GardeniaThis double flower form has very large, full white flowers in late season.
New!Gold Rush’ 36” $23.95
Peony Gold RushA mid to late bloomer of Japanese form, this treasure has a double full row of bright white guards with cheerful gold centers that have little white petaloids (think mini flowers!) CUUUUTE! Available starting fall of 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Golly’ 34” $22.95
Peony GollyThis double form has apple-blossom pink guards and center with a circle of gold staminodes. A mid bloomer.
New!Great Lady’ 30” $24.95
Peony Great LadyA single hybrid cross between albiflora x lobata with flowers that GLOW and beckon! Vivid pink with yellow centers, they remind me of lotus flowers and are superb! Available in VERY limited quantities starting fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Green Halo’ 30” $27.95
Peony Green HaloA very unusual early-mid season bloomer with semi-double flowers that have white petals arising from a light green petal base. COOL!
‘Green Lotus’ 28” $29.95
Peony Green LotusThis is one UNUSUAL peony with single, cactus-flower dahlia type 4-5” blooms that are white with lime-green streaking and tinges of soft pink…a real collector’s plant! VERY floriferous and an early bloomer.
‘Harry L. Smith’ 29” $24.95
Peony Green LotusThis sophisticated semi-double mid-season bloomer has intense cranberry red flowers with gold staminoids. Huge blooms and strong stems make him ideal in the landscape!
‘Heidi Cap’ 26” $23.95
Peony Heidi CapA Japanese mid-bloomer with a nice compact growth habit, this sweetie has a very fluffy and airy mid-pink flower with ruffled centers. You can adopt her beginning fall of 2015! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Honey Gold’ 30” $27.95
Peony Honey GoldA bomb type that has an outstanding and unusual combination of soft white and honey-gold. Fragrant and an awesome cut flower; blooms mid season.
‘Hot Chocolate’ 36” $24.95
Peony Hot ChocolateThis is another very unique peony with Japanese type flowers that have chocolate red guard petals and cocoa colored stamens that are lightly edged in gold…mmm! An early bloomer. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Illini Warrior’ 32” $22.95
Peony Illini WarriorA single form with blood-red flowers and yellow stamens. EXTREMELY floriferous, blooms early.
‘Ivory Atlas’ 36” $22.95
Peony Ivory AtlasThis single, early peony has a double row of ivory-white guards that surround a bright yellow center. A very vigorous grower!
‘Ivory Escort’ 28” $21.95
Peony Ivory AtlasA semi-double, mid-season bloomer, ‘Ivory Escort’ is a perfect landscape Peony! It has VERY fragrant sumptuous, full white flowers with some red streaking and gold staminoids; beautiful deep green foliage too!
‘Jester’ 24” $21.95
Peony JesterThis happy-go-lucky guy has unique-shaped flowers that are white with raspberry streaking in mid to late season; fun and funky and VERY unusual!
‘Jubilee Pink’ 28” $23.95
Peony Karen GrayThis Japanese mid-bloomer is a riot of fragrant flowers that are double to triple rows of deep pink guards with fluffy yellow centers. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘June Rose’ 28” $26.95
Peony June RoseA double early with EXCELLENT FRAGRANCE, she is very striking with her HUGE fully double deep rose-pink blooms. A fantabulous cut and landscape plant available beginning fall of 2015! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Karl Rosenfield’ 32” $23.95
Peony Karl RosenfieldA double mid-bloomer that’s a fantastic grower and an awesome color! Huge, fully double, DEEP red blooms are held atop deep green, strong foliage. He is excellent for cuts and outstanding in the garden and will be available to go home with you beginning fall of 2015! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Kevin’ 36” $23.95
Peony KevinA handsome, double flowered early guy with dark pink fully double flowers and beautiful strong, glossy foliage. Great for cut flowers! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Lancaster Imp’ 26” $22.95
Peony Lancaster ImpA bomb type that has pure white guards and a full white center that has occasional red streaking. Very fragrant, and an early bloomer.
‘Lenora’ 28” $24.95
Peony Lenora (photo courtesy Klehms)This mid double is the kind of Peony I swoon at ‘cause we all KNOW by now how I love the fluffy whites! She is exceptional, with the palest tinge of pink billowy flowers. Not available until fall 2014.
‘Lights Out’ 36” $23.95
Peony Lights OutAnother unusual peony, this one is a single flower type with vibrant red petals and golden stamens. It is an early season bloomer.
‘Lord Cavin’ 30” $23.95
Peony Lord CalvinThis mid-bloomer has double white flowers that have striping and flushing of pink on the edges…lovely!
‘Love’s Touch’ 26” $24.95
Peony Love's TouchA semi-double to double with shell pink flowers blooming mid-to-late season.
‘Lullaby Coos’ 28” $26.95
Peony Lullaby CoosA semidouble midbloomer that has soft, romantic, full pink blooms….sweet in the garden! Will be available starting fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Madison’ 28” $23.95
Peony MadisonA Japanese mid-bloomer that is a FRAGRANT compact grower! It has clear, medium pink, full guards and full yellow centers….what a contrast! Available starting in fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Marshmallow Button’ 24” $23.95
Peony Marshmallow Button - photo courtesy Song SparrowA mid-blooming bomb, this one is (wait for it….) as cute as a you know what! A Contrary Mary favorite, with FRAGRANT white petals that have yellow bases, it also has great foliage and a compact growth habit. She’ll fit in anywhere!
‘Martha’ 28” $26.95
Peony MarthaThis double mid-bloomer is quite a looker with a very layered and textured flower that has many rows of deep pink petals. She’s FRAGRANT and unique and available (VERY limited though!) starting in fall of 2015! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.

‘Martha Reed’

28” $24.95
Peony Martha ReedThis mid-blooming double has stupendous, very full creamy white foliage; has VERY big petals which ripple like puffy clouds….Contrary Mary can’t resist her, so how could you??! A PERFECT landscape plant with VERY strong stems.
‘Midnight Sun’ 38” $21.95
Peony Midnight SunThis mid-blooming Japanese type has deep blood-red flowers with sun gold centers…what a contrast! In addition to its great foliage, it has strong stems for good cut flowers.
New!Miss Congeniality’ 36” $26.95
Peony Miss CongenialityMid to late, Japanese form. A FRAGRANT peony that has rosy-pink full guards and a billowy salmon pink center. A VERY unusual color combo that is (Yup) a "gotta-have"! Available starting fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Mister Ed’ 28” $24.95
Peony Mister EdThis double early is an unusual creamy pink….he sometimes produces white flowers that are dappled with rose. Cool! VERY FRAGRANT, a great grower and awesome in the landscape, he’s available in VERY limited quantities starting fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Mme. Emile Debatene’ 26” $24.95
Peony Mme. Emile Debatene (photo courtesy Klehms)A double mid bloomer, this little miss has VERY FRAGRANT deep pink full flowers and LOTS of ’em! A perfect dainty compact growth habit too!
‘Mons. Martin Cahuzac’ 30” $24.95
Peony Mons Martin CahuzacThis double mid-bloomer has possibly the DARKEST red flower of all Peonies! An heirloom from 1899, he’s got scads of jaw-dropping very full flowers atop strong, stiff stems that really hold up in the landscape. Can’t you just see him paired with bright white ones like ‘Ave Maria,’ ‘A la Mode,’ ‘Marshmallow Button,’ and ‘White Wicker’??? Sure to scoot on outa here fast!
‘Moon River’ 28” $23.95
Peony Moon RoverA double form with creamy marshmallow-white flowers that have a pink blush.yum! Blooms mid season. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘My Petite Cherie’ 20-22” $23.95
Peony My Petite CherieOoh La, La! This dainty doll is soft pink with semi-double flowers that are fragrant. Blooms mid-season. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Nancy Nichols’ 36” $22.95
Peony Nancy NicholsThis astonishing peony has blushing cream pink flowers that age to a rosy pale pink; produces MASSES of very fragrant flowers mid-season.
‘Nellie Saylor’ 36” $26.95
Peony Nellie SaylorThis Japanese type peony has wine-red guards with a creamy yellow and pink tufted center; STUNNING combination! Fragrant flowers and sturdy stems make this a great cut and landscape peony; mi to late bloomer. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Nick Shaylor’ 34” $21.95
Peony Nick ShaylorA classic double flowered peony with very full rose-type pale pink blooms. Blooms very late in the season so it’s a great extended for your peony show! American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Norma Volz’ 36” $23.95
Peony Norma VolzThis double, mid-blooming beauty has large, fully double snowball blooms with blush pink highlights. An American Peony Society Gold Medal winner!
‘Odd Lot’ 34” $22.95
Peony Odd Lot (photo courtesy Klehms)A  mid Japanese bloomer that has lovely bright white flowers with double rows of guard petals and a serrated center.  Available starting fall 2014.
‘Pal’ 32” $21.95
Peony PalThis double form has light pink blooms with silver overtones; blooms mid season.
New!Paramount’ 30” $23.95
Peony ParamountAn early blooming single that is a vision of beauty with lotus-looking salmon blooms  with distinctive yellow stamens…striking! Available starting fall 2016 and VERY limited! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
Top 10! ‘Paree Fru Fru’ 26” $22.95
Peony Paree Fru FruGREAT name for a very distinctive peony with bomb type flowers that are dark pink tufts that burst out from butter yellow centers—fragrant and incredible! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!
New!Paul M Wilde’ 36” $24.95
Peony Paul M. WildeA late double bloomer with HUGE 6" clear red blooms….wowzers! Another Contrary "gotta-have" and just stunning in the landscape. Available for adoption starting fall 2016! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Paula Fay’ 35” $21.95
Peony Paula FayThis semi-double type has deep shocking pink wavy-textured blooms in early season and a great growth habit.
New!Peachy Pink Cobbler’ 30” $24.95
Peony Peachy Pink CobblerA FRAGRANT mid-bomb that had me at her name! I adore bomb-forms, and this beauty has soft clear pink guards and pink and soft yellow shaded fluffy and textured center. YUUUUMY and very limited starting fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Peppermint Twist’ 30” $22.95
Peony Peppermint TwistThis single to semi-double  has twisted and fluted flower petals that are raspberry pink with a white base and peppermint-raspberry streaking. Fragrant, it blooms mid-season and is a real eye-catcher!
‘Petite Elegance’ 26” $23.95
Peony Petite EleganceThis semi-double to double form has very large 6” blooms of magenta pink with yellow stamens. A mid-bloomer and a hot new color!
‘Petticoat Flounce’ 24” $24.95
Peony Petticoat FlounceThis pretty perky posy has soft pink bomb type flowers with creamy white at the base and at each center. AWESOME cut flower, early season bloomer and a great landscape peony.
‘Petticoat Parade’ 36” $23.95
Peony Petticoat ParadeThis mid blooming bomb has all the character that Contrary Mary loves---double rows of shell-pink guards surrounding full pink and creamy bomb centers, tons of fragrance, and very strong stems which makes it superior both in the landscape and as a cut flower. Ya KNOW ya need this one!
‘Philippe Rivoire’ 30” $27.95
Peony Philippe RivoireThis double mid-to-late season bloomer from France is one of the MOST FRAGRANT peonies available! He has deep red double flowers that REALLY stand out in the garden; obviously makes a great cut flower too! Sure to dance outa here fast!
Top 10! ‘Pink Hawaiian Coral’ 36” $26.95
Peony Pink Hawaiian CoralA semi-double hybrid with a rose shaped bloom of soft coral with delicate yellow stamens. An American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection, it is fragrant and blooms early. A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!
‘Pink Luau’ 33” $22.95
Peony Pink LuauThis early semi-double reminds me of a dahlia; VERY unusual and sure to be commented on! Raspberry streaking runs through her full pink petals, with a cheery yellow center. VERY fragrant and excellent stem strength.
‘Pink Parasol Surprise’ 30” $24.95
Peony Pink Parason SurpriseAn early bomb type, this one really lives up to her name! She has soft pink guards, creamy yellow centers, and the surprise on top---a pink “parasol”! A fittingly Contrary Peony, it is also VERY fragrant and a strong grower (great landscape Peony!).
‘Pink Parfait’ 36” $19.95
Peony Pink ParfaitThis double rose-type has fragrant blooms of a rich, dark pink in late season.
‘Pink Salutations’ 26” $24.95
Peony Pink Salutations (photo courtesy Klehms)A single, mid and FRAGRANT bloomer with multiple rows of deeply streaked pink and raspberry petals.....VERY Contrary! A real attention grabber; available beginning fall 2014 (but not for long!!!)
‘Pink Spinners’ 24” $24.95
Peony Pink Spinners (photo courtesy Klehms)This mid, unique form has a wondrous mix of creams, pinks and raspberry on twisted, fluted, dancing petals....FRAGRANT too! It would be a picture of awesumnicity (??!) as a contrast to fuller flowered varieties such as Chinook, Lenora, Mme Emile get the picture! Not available until Fall 2014, and a Collector’s gotta-have! Did I mention VERY limited also....!
‘Port Royale’ 28” $21.95
Peony Port RoyaleA Japanese type with deep wine red petals that have a spiky red center. Great fragrance and a mid-bloomer! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
New!President Taft’ 36” $24.95
Peony President TaftA late double form that is as big and bold as his name! Sports apple-blossom light pink, very fluffily HUGE flowers, often with flecks of red (just to give him even more character!) Did I mention FRAGRANT too? Available starting fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Primavere’ 34” $21.95
Peony PrimavereThis Japanese type has creamy outer petals and a large yellow center. .a rare color for peonies! Blooms mid-season.
‘Raspberry Clown’ 34” $22.95
Peony Raspberry ClownAs you probably know, I’m a sucker for big fluffy peonies, and this one is surely a Contrary fave!!! It’s a semi-double soft pink with intense raspberry streaking and blotching; fragrant and unusual! A mid-bloomer.
‘Raspberry Splash’ 30” $24.95
Peony Raspberry SplashA unique blossom mid-bloomer. I just ADORE goofy, happy, crazy ones and this one’s got it ALL goin’ on! He produces raspberry streaked, fluted, FRAGRANT flowers that dance atop strong deep green foliage. A Contrary one for sure! Grab him up quick starting fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Raspberry Sundae’ 27” $23.95
Peony Raspberry SundaeThis bomb-type blooms in mid-season and has yummy blush pink and raspberry topping on petals of white. Fragrant and great for cuts!
‘Raspberry Twist’ 28” $23.95
Peony Raspberry SundaeA real Contrary Peony, this early single bloomer has VERY fragrant fluted and twisted flowers with raspberry streaking; her buds are even streaked! Will dance outa here fast!
‘Renato’ 32” $22.95
Peony RenatoA mid-blooming double, he has VERY fragrant glowing ember-red flowers that are very large and full; a true siren in the garden! Excellent as a cut flower and a great landscape Peony.
New!Richard Carvel’ 36” $26.95
Peony Richard CarvelAn early double, he has SCADS of very full bright crimson flowers on strong stems…awesome landscaper! Available starting fall 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Rooster Reveille’ 28” $23.95
Peony Rooster ReveilleA semi-double form in the cactus/dahlia style with shaggy twisted petals of white with red candy streaking. Fragrant, and blooms mid-to-late.
New!Rose Tinkerbelle’ 24” $24.95
Peony Rose TinkerbelleA midblooming semi-double, this petite little angel has darling flirty glowing magenta flowers with perky yellow anthers. She will fit in anywhere starting fall of 2016! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Roy Pehrson’s Best Yellow’ 30” $34.95
Peony Roy Pherson's Best Yellow (photo courtesy Klehms)This VERY RARE early to mid single bloomer belongs in every Peony Fanatic’s collection! He boasts scads of flowers with rounded, fluted and cupped very soft yellow petals with deeper yellow stamens. Oh so elegant when paired with the likes of Flame, Eliza Lundy, Tango, and others of the bold and vivacious variety! VERY limited and not available until fall 2014.
‘Rubyette’ 24” $24.95
Peony RubyetteA single, mid-blooming hybrid that is described as a “superior” plant, this child of ‘Burma Ruby’ has deep, blood-red flowers with golden centers….VERY distinctive and vivid in the landscape. Available starting fall of 2015. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Sarah Bernhardt’ 36” $19.95
Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'A classic double with salmon pink flowers that have red flecking. Very fragrant and floriferous, and a great cut flower. Blooms late.
‘Serene Pastel’ 28” $22.95
Peony Serene PastelThis double mid-bloomer has rounded guards of light salmon with hints of pink. Flowers are fragrant and irresistible!
New!Showgirl’ 36” $27.95
Peony Show GirlAn early-to-mid Japanese form . Produced on a sturdy, EXCEPTIONAL landscape plant, she has clear pink guards and light yellow fluffy petaloids….sweeeet! Available starting fall of 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
New! ‘Sorcerer’ 36” $23.95
Peony SorcererThis early single magical creature has striking deep blood-red flowers with sunny yellow centers. A STRONG grower and fabulous landscape plant!
‘Spiffy’ 28” $21.95
Peony SpiffyA Japanese type with fuchsia red blooms that have a pink-cream center with a sprinkle of fuchsia. Very fragrant and mid-bloomer..
New!Steve's Choice’ 30” $27.95
Peony Steve's ChoiceThis one is a mid double bloomer. Steve truly is wise to have chosen This beauteous creamy white full bloomer (a Contrary choice too!) that is FRAGRANT also! Snap him up quickly starting fall of 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Summer Carnival’ 30” $22.95
Peony Sweet ShellyNow, I know when you see this unique mid-season flowered creature, it will be a gotta-have! She’s resplendent with GOBS of streaked raspberry colored flowers that have flaring petals; DEFINITELY one for the Peony Collector!
New!Sunshine Festival’ 28” $23.95
Peony Sunshine FestivalThis mid Japanese bloomer produces MASSES of flowers that have brilliant white guards, bright yellow centers, and red stigmas; excellent foliage also! Available starting fall of 2016. Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
New!Susie Q’ 24” $24.95
Peony Susie QA mid double bloomer that is short, sweet and sassy! Fragrant and compact, she has bright, full, clear pink flowers in abundance! Very limited and available starting fall 2016! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Sweet Shelly’ 28” $21.95
Peony Sweet ShellyA Japanese type with a double row of red guards with a cream center and red-tipped stigmatas. Very fragrant and excellent foliage and a mid-bloomer.
‘Sweetie’ 18” $22.95
Peony SweetieThis mid-to-late double flowered form is a cute little dwarf that fits in any garden! With perky, bright pink, full double blooms, she’s sure to make you smile!
‘Tango’ 28” $22.95
Peony Tango (photo courtesy Klehms)This one is single form with vibrant and eye-catching orangey-red velvety petals with full yellow centers....Bazinga! Blooms are cupped and plant is perfect as a landscape Peony. Not available until fall 2014.
‘The Fawn’ 34” $28.95
Peony The FawnThis RARE creature has double blooms of parchment pink with rose colored flecks; marvelous landscape peony, mid-season blooms, and in VERY LIMITED quantities! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Tom Cat’ 26” $22.95
Peony Tom CatThis mid-bloomer has Japanese form bright carmine red guards with bomb shaped cream and red protruding centers; magnificent! Fragrant too! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘Victorian Blush’ 27” $27.95
Peony Victorian Blush (photo courtesy Klems)This double late is (yep you guessed it) yet ANOHER Contrary fave! With rounded white guards that have a tiny hint of yellow at the center and deep green compact foliage, she is marvelous with deep reds, yellows or corals such as Philippe Rivoir, Renato, Coral Supreme, Coral Charm, Coral Magic, Bartzella....FRAGRANT too! Not available until fall 2014.
‘Violet Dawson’ 32” $21.95
Peony Violet DawsonA great Japanese type with pure white flowers with bright gold centers. Blooms mid-season.
‘Vixen’ 26” $21.95
Peony VixenA foxy Japanese type with deep pink guards and a brilliant yellow fluffy center. A mid-bloomer.
‘West Elkton’ 25” $21.95
Peony West ElktonA great Japanese type with deep burgundy flowers with golden tipped centers. Blooms mid-season.
‘White Cap’ 32” $23.95
Peony White CapThis mid-bloomer is one of the reasons why I’m such a Peony nut! Deep raspberry guards surround pale pink and ivory very full centers….BAZINGA! A GREAT grower, it stands up in the landscape and makes a stupendous cut flower. VERY VERY limited! Photo courtesy Klehm’s Nursery.
‘White Wicker’ 28” $22.95
Peony White WickerAs you all probably know by now, I just ADORE big fluffy Peonies. Well, THIS one is DEFINITELY a Contrary fave, as it has HUGE pure white fragrant mid-season blooms that practically make me swoon!

Intersectional Peonies

I cannot say enough praise for these Intersectional Peonies! They have the beautiful form/texture and HUMUNGOUS almost unreal blooms of the tree Peony parent, but are easy going (and easy growers) like their Herbaceous parent….what’s not to love?! As a bonus, the foliage looks great all season! They are WELL worth the price!
‘Bartzella’ (ITOH) 30-36” $65.00
Peony Bartzella (photo courtesy Walters Gardens)This multiple award winning Intersectional Peony will make your eyes pop right outa your head! She boasts semi-double clear YELLOW, VERY fragrant flowers that make incredible long-lasting cut flowers. Winner of the 2006 APS Gold Medal and the 2009 Award of Landscape Merit, she is probably the BEST growing yellow now available! My stock won’t last long, so don’t delay! Available in VERY LIMITED quantities.

‘Canary Brilliants’ (ITOH) 30” $65.00
Peony Canary BrilliantsThis one has blooms that start out a pinkish yellow, and then open to a brilliant yellow. FRAGRANT and long-flowering, with a lotus flowered form; mid-blooming. Need I say this one won’t be available for long?!
‘Cora Louise’ (ITOH) 34” $60.00
Peony Cora Louise (Photo courtesy Netherland Bulb Company)Another outstanding Intersectional beauty, this one has FRAGRANT chrysanthemum form semi double white flowers with deep scarlet flares…..VERY floriferous! As with all ITOH hybrids, looks excellent all season as the foliage stays upright and attractive. VERY limited!!!
‘Garden Treasures’ (ITOH) 24” $65.00
Peony Garden Treasures (photo courtesy customer Cyndy!)This Intersectional was an American Peony Society Gold Medal winner, and you can surely see why! This is a picture from my customer/friend Cyndy’s yard; and just think, this was a young plant….imagine how it will be even MORE awesome as it continues to mature! It has FRAGRANT lemon-yellow semi-double blooms mid to late season. One of the LONGEST bloomers!
‘Hillary’ (ITOH) 30” $65.00
Peony Hillary (photo courtesy Klehms)This one won the APS Award of Merit, and boy is she always interesting as she is always changing! She starts to bloom red, then softens to red with cream swirls, then ends a pale vanilla yellow…..STUNNING! PERFECT paired with consistently yellow ones like ‘Bartzella’ and ‘Garden Treasure’! A mid bloomer.
‘Lemon Dream’ (ITOH) 30” $65.00
Peony Lemon Dream (Photo courtesy Netherland Bulb Company)Another to-die-for Intersectional, this vision has semi-double lemon yellow blossoms with random lavender streaks….VERY unusual and eye-catching! I’m afraid it’s a gotta-have, and will not be around for long!
‘Old Rose Dandy’ (ITOH) 26” $50.00
Peony Old Rose Dandy (Photo courtesy Netherland Bulb Company)This dwarf Intersectional is a lotus flower form with masses of rosy blooms. Very compact, and would look AWESOME with a yellow flowered variety!
‘Pastel Splendor’ (ITOH) 28” $65.00
Peony Pastel Splendor (photo courtesy Klehms)This dainty doll is a mid-yellow with charming pink edges and dark purple center flares. A mid bloomer and very intriguing!
Top 10! ‘Prairie Charm’ 32” $65.00
Peony Prairie Charm This one has semi-double clear YELLOW flowers with a red flare; blooms mid-to-late season. Was the recipient of APS Award of Landscape Merit for its outstanding garden performance; VERY limited!!! A Contrary Mary Top 10 pick!
‘Scarlet Heaven’ (ITOH) 28” $50.00
Peony Scarlet Heaven (Photo courtesy Netherland Bulb Company)This Intersectional has lotus form GLOWING deep scarlet fragrant flowers—REALLY stands out! As with all Intersectionals, this one stays great looking all summer, and really gives you your money’s worth! VERY limited and choice!
‘Yellow Water Lily’ (ITOH) 28” $75.00
A HUGE semi double to double mid blooming Intersectional with clear yellow flowers that have lavender flares and yellow stamens. VERY zen!


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