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Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomato Sampler
Heirloom Tomatoes

More heirlooms from customer Diana: Sainte Lucie (big one top left), Eva Purple Ball (top right), Cherries (yellow Blondkopfchen, and dark Black Cherry).

Peony Victorian Blush
Tomatoes Garden Peach,
Neves Azorean, Djena Lee,
Chocolate Cherry
, & Green Zebra

I thought it was time to update my fave list as I’ve grown scads more varieties that have wiled their way into my heart! Again, you know how very oh so hard it is for me to choose between my babies, but I really believe the following are absolute “GOTTA-TRIES!” No excuses saying that you don’t have room in the ground to put them as I have grown many (INCLUDING Indeterminates!) in large pots. Just make sure to put in plenty of organic material, use large pots (with holes!), and provide some support (we all need someone to lean on, right??!) If I can manage to fend off the Shelties and the chipmunks, I usually have very good production….come and see what we do with ours!

Anyway, the following are the updated new “Top Ten(ish),” but please don’t think that the ones we didn’t list aren’t awesome too (‘cause I suppose every one can’t be my favorite!). In no particular order:

  1. Crème Brûlée — NEW to the list, this one is outstanding (as good as it sounds!) Take a look at the picture I took of some I grew last summer and you’ll see it has both beauty AND taste! A perfect slicer, keeps well, and doesn’t seem to crack easily. And did I mention the delectable taste??!
  2. Al-Kuffa — Another newbie to the list, and for very good reason! I planted this baby in a pot, and it was the second tomato (after Stupice) that was ripe in the 2013 season! I anticipated it being mediocre taste-wise—boy was I wrong! Excellent in flavor, slightly tangy, and perfect in appearance! Check out the picture I took below; these babies just kept producing all season, and even after I pulled the pot into the greenhouse she kept ‘em coming!
  3. Belize Pink Heart — This one made it into the top ten (ish!) this year as it is one of the best producing and tasting Oxhearts that I have ever grown! Few seeds, not really juicy but just a great slicer (and perfect in my homemade rustic tomato sauce!)
  4. Neves Azorean — Yup, another new one to the list! You know those tomatoes you used to pick at Gram’s and rush inside to eat? Close your eyes and take a bite of this one and you’ll swear you stepped into a time machine (yep, it’s THAT good!)
  5. Berkeley Tie Dye — I’m so very glad we tried a bunch of the “new” Heirlooms from Wild Boar Farms! Check out the picture below….yum! As with all “green” tomatoes, this one is somewhat zippy and zingy; opens up a whole new tomato palate!
  6. Violet Jasper — I was right to take a chance on this one….sometimes things look so pretty that you just KNOW they won’t taste good, but this one is the whole package! A large cherry that is jaw-dropping when served on a mixed Heirloom tomato plate; also perfect for munching on while slaving away in the garden! Crack resistant and a good keeper too!
  7. Red Rose — A lovely new addition that produced well and tasted like a REAL tomato should!
  8. Pink Berkeley Tie Dye — What else can I say but oh so good and oh so pretty!
  9. Thessaloniki — My perennial pick for the all around best “regular” tomato that won’t freak the non-heirloom crowd out! Once you try it it will be your perennial pick also!
  10. Green Zebra — Contrary Charlie loves this one, and once we get customers to try it they all agree!
  11. Garden Peach — A real conversation starter….who couldn’t love this cutie (and what a producer!)
  12. Virginia Sweets — A gorgeous bi-color that tastes as outstanding as she looks!
  13. Stupice — Talk about a producer, this one is always the first tomato and quite often the last one too! Packed full of flavor in a smallish package….excellent!
Bowl full of tomatoes!

You know how a group of crows is called a murder, a group of finches is called a charm, a group of Blue Jays is called a party, and a group of owls is called a parliament??? Welllllll…..What do you call a group of tomatoes…???? Give???  Spaghetti Sauce! 


Now, again to repeat, this list is in NO WAY supposed to limit your choices, but just to act as a guide for some of the ones we highly recommend. Many of the new ones each year are also new to me, so there’s no sayin’ that one (or more) of them won’t end up on this list in the near future! I always do SCADS of research before picking the finalists to grow for the year, so be confident that all have gotten RAVE reviews. A couple of AWESOME Heirloom books to recommend: The Heirloom Tomato by Amy Goldman (and the pictures are enough to make you DROOL!); 100 Heirloom Tomatoes for American Gardens by Carolyn Male; and Shattering: Food, Politics, and the Loss of Genetic Diversity by Cary Fowler and Pat Mooney. As always, I would LOVE to hear YOUR feedback on the ones you’ve enjoyed…PLEASE let us know your thoughts!

For your planting pleasure we have found these new Terrifically Tempting Tasty Tomatoes you truly must try!!!

Tomatoes New for 2017

Bear Claw
Beauty Queen
Belmonte Cuore
Black & Brown Boar
Captain Lucky White
Cherriots of Fire
Chris’s Greek Mama
Corum Kirmizisi
Earl’s Faux
Faelan’s First Snow
Frog Princess

Gary O’Sena
Golden King of Siberia
Kodiak Brown
Krasnodar Titans
Meat Breakfast
Noire Charbonneuse
Purple Smaragd
Shadow Boxing
Sibirsky Velikan
Sugar Plum Fairy

Chocolate Champion
Dwarf Mr. Snow
Dwarf Summer Sunrise
Dwarf Wild Spudleaf
Tanunda Red
Tasty Wine
Willa’s Caribou Rose


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Plant Name Habit/Size Price
Tomato ‘African Queen’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato African Queen(?70 days?) This potato leaf family heirloom from North Carolina is one that Amy Goldman adores and says is a “gotta-have”! It’s a BIG producer of very juicy pink beefsteaks; seeds most probably were brought to this country with slaves from the Caribbean (I just love history, don’t you?!) I tried her for the first time in 2014 and she deserves all the accolades and raves---she truly is fantastic! Meaty, tomato-ey and prolific!(VERY limited)
*Tomato ‘Al-Kuffa Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Al KuffaTomato Al Kuffa(60 days) This early producer of 3-4 oz red, very tasty tomatoes is an Heirloom from Iraq. Is a compact grower and reportedly produces GOBS of fruit all season, even in the really hot weather!  On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
New!Tomato ‘Albenga’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Albenga(78 days) A ribbed/fluted Italian beauty with solid, meaty, large fruits PERFECT for salsas, sauces, and fresh eating! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
Tomato ‘Amazon Chocolate’ (AKA ‘Chocolate Amazon Ukrainian’) Indeterminate $4.25
(80 days) As you all know, “black” tomatoes like ‘Paul Robeson’ and ‘Black Cherry’ are becoming my absolute FAVES due to their complex, rich, and almost smoky taste. That being said, this newbie is bound to make it into my favorite category! I have not yet tasted it, but have done scads of research and this one has emerged as an absolute BEST in show! This potato-leaf variety originally came from the Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea and produces copious amounts of HUGE purple brown fruits (1 lb. plus!). We aren’t growing lots of them, so get ‘em quick (ya know I’m keeping one!)
Tomato ‘Amish Paste’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Amish Paste (photo courtesy customer Tim)(85 days) This Heirloom produces Oxheart shaped 8-12 oz tomatoes; they aren’t really paste-like ‘cause they have seeds and are juicy! It is Aunt Ruthie’s FAVORITE, and we grow it from organic seeds. Photo courtesy customer Tim.
Tomato ‘Aunt Ginny’s Purple’ Indeterminate $4.25
(80 days) This is a 12 oz to 2 lb Beefsteak Heirloom that is deep pink (not really purple), resists cracking, and “cuts & tastes like filet mignon”!! WOW!
Tomato ‘Aunt Ruby’s German Green’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Aunt Ruby's German Green (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)Tomato Aunt Ruby's German Green (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(80 days) This is a spicy and sweet 16 oz GREEN beefsteak Heirloom that is a pick of Chef Rick Bayless! Try something different! A favorite of Aunt Ruth, our tomato guru!
Tomato ‘Barlow Japanese’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Barlow Japanese(?75 days?) This potato leaf variety was originally smuggled out of Japan after WW II. It produces medium to large, pleated, pink fruits that are awesome slicers! After I trying this one in 2014, I would HIGHLY recommend it for rustic tomato sauce in addition to its perfect use as a slicer! (VERY limited)
New! Tomato ‘Bear Claw’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Bear Claw(80 days) This one produces HUGE red fruits that are meaty and superb….BLT’s anyone? Photo courtesy Muddy Bucket Farm.
New!Tomato ‘Beauty Queen’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Beauty King(80 days) A small to medium sized mater, this one has lovely gold and red stripes and is described as sweet and tasty! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.
*Tomato ‘Belize Pink Heart’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Belize Pink HeartTomato Belize Pink Heart(70 days) Collected by Baker Creek in San Ignacio, Belize, this beauty produces medium to large pinkish red Oxheart fruit….PERFECT for slicing and sandwiches. Juicy and productive too! On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
New!Tomato ‘Belmonte Cuore’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Beauty King(75 days) A RARE red Oxheart from Italy that is SPECTACULAR for sauces, salsas, and of course fresh eating, has few seeds, and produces like CRAZY! Very limited. Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
*Tomato ‘Berkeley Tie Dye’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Berkley Tie DyeTomato Berkley Tie Dye(80 days) I can hardly wait to try these open-pollinated “created” Heirlooms from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms, known as the “Tomato Guy” in the California Bay area. He does a lot of cross pollinating and natural mutation discovery to come up with some really wild and wacky (but delicious!) fruits. This one produces large, VERY meaty fruits that are oranges-red with lots of green stripes. Very dense flesh is not very juicy but described as tangy and assertive. Great production; PLEASE give me your feedback on these! On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
New! Tomato ‘Black & Brown Boar’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Black and Brown Boar(70 days) A STRIKING small tomato (3-4 oz) from Wild Boar Farms, this one is a mutation of Green Zebra with glorious, complex taste….a HUGE producer too! Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
Tomato ‘Black Beauty’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Black BeautyTomato Black Beauty(80 days) A Wild Boar Farms newbie that is touted as being THE darkest tomato EVER! A medium sized ‘mato with red flesh that I can hardly wait to try! Our photos.
Tomato ‘Black Cherry’ Indeterminate $4.25
(64 days) This one produces 1” round deep purple to mahogany brown fruits; the only true “black” Cherry! Yummy! See photo above!
New! Tomato ‘Bobbie’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Bobbie(78 days) A pink Oxheart with an excellent blend of sweet and sassy AND awesome resistance to blossom end rot! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
Tomato ‘Blondkopfchen’ Indeterminate $4.25
(75 days) This “little blonde girl” from East Germany is a brilliant yellow, non cracking, adorable cherry tomato. Described as having excellent flavor; big producer too! See photo above!
Tomato ‘Blue Beauty’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Blue Beauty (photo courtesy Baker Creek)Tomato Blue Beauty (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(80 days) Another gorgeous newbie from Wild Boar Farms that is absolutely LOADED with anthocyanins (anti-oxidants)! They are small beefsteaks and great slicers; shoulders turn a lovely deep blue! Sunburn and crack-resistant too! My mom grew this one for me in 2014 and all I can say is WOW! It’s delish, gorgeous, and an AWESOME producer! She really is destined to be elevated to my next top “ten-ish” list! As you can see from the pictures I took of the stages (L), she goes from green with blue shoulders to orangey-red with blue shoulders that lighten up as they ripen. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended!
Tomato ‘Blue Berries’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Blueberries(75 days) A new cherry from Wild Boar Farms that has extremely high levels of anthocyanins and is stunning to boot! VERY productive, crack resistant, and has brick red flesh. As I was not quick enough to snag one of these plants before they sold out in 2014, good buds John and Lizzie Lou were gracious enough to share some of their bounty with me. And share they did, as this fabulous tomato produced SCADS and SCADS of glorious looking and phenomenal tasting little jewels! I wanted to share with you pictures of what they look like unripe (truly do look like little blueberries don’t they?!), but don’t eat them then or you’ll wonder why I am raving about them! Wait until they are wait until they are PURPLE RED WITH BLUSHES OF BLUE when ripe—then you’ll see why I adore them!
New! Tomato ‘Captain Lucky White’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Captain Lucky White(85 days) A heavy producer of simply maaaahvelous medium sized, round, WHITE tomatoes….come on, expand your pallet I dare ya! He’s an excellent keeper also. Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
New! Tomato ‘Cherriots of Fire’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Cherriots of Fire(75 days) A fantastic, sexy cherry tomato with an awesome name, she produces Gobs of Gorgeous Goodness! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
New! Tomato ‘Chris’s Greek Mama’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Chris's Greek Mama(70 days) A “gotta-have” red beefsteak with PERFECT balance; a great producer that just keeps going in the heat and humidity and awesome on burgers! Photo courtesy Muddy Bucket Farm.
Tomato ‘Chocolate Cherry’ Indeterminate $4.25
Chocolate Cherry  (photo courtesy CM customer Virginia!)(70 days) This prolific cherry tomato produces 1” reddish brown fruits that resist cracking and can be picked and ripened off vine without sacrificing flavor!!! A Contrary Mary taste test WINNER! Photo courtesy CM customer Virginia!
New! Tomato ‘Corum Kirmizisi’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Corum Kirmizisi(78 days) A Turkish heirloom that is called a standout! Produces SCADS of small to medium ribbed red fruits on a compact plant. Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
Tomato ‘Cosmic Eclipse’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Cosmic Eclipse(70 days) Another Wild Boar Farms stunner with 3 oz fruits that ripen to red with green stripes and purple/black highlights…far out man! Our photo.
*Tomato ‘Crème Brûlée’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Creme Brulee(75 days) Really, how could you NOT love a tomato with this name??! This wondrous “black” tomato from the former Soviet Union is medium-sized, globe shaped, and a rich caramel color with hues of red and chocolate. She ain’t just beautiful…..she’s also lusciously delicious, with the rich tomato taste you would expect from a black tomato! I would love feedback and pictures! On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
Tomato ‘Cuban Black’ Semi-determinate $4.25
Tomato Cuban Black(75 days) A “black’” medium sized tomato that won the taste test for BEST black at Heritage Farms a couple of years ago, so ya KNOW ya gotta try it! Also would be great for pots or small gardens. After personally growing this one in 2014, I have to say it is another “gotta-have”….prolific, delish, and pretty as a picture!
Tomato ‘Dark Galaxy’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Dark Galaxy(?70 days?) Another Wild Boar intro that is fun and funky, perfect for Plantheads! The small fruit starts out green with purple spotting, and ripens to rusty red with flecks of gold. Out of this world (!!) I was right to take my chances and try this one----it truly IS out of this world, both taste and looks-wise! A customer told me that his 85 year old neighbor said that this one was maybe the BEST tomato she had ever tried, and that truly is saying something!(VERY limited)
Tomato ‘Dester’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Dester(75 days) Also known as Dester’s Amish Beefsteak, he won first place at Seed Savers Exchange tasting in 2011, and second place in 2012…..VERY impressive! After trying this one for the first time in 2014, Contrary Charlie REALLY loved this one!
Tomato ‘Djena Lee’s Golden Girl’ Indeterminate $4.25
(80 days) An Heirloom from the 1920’s that supposedly won first place at the Chicago Fair for ten years in a row!!! A beauty that is deep orange, globe shaped, and weigh in at about 12 ounces. A perfect slicer described as “sweet yet tangy!”

Dwarf Tomato Project

Before I introduce you to the next lovelies, I have to say a few words about the Dwarf Tomato Project as it SO intrigues me! All are open pollinated crosses of Heirlooms, and it began as a collaboration of Heirloom tomato buffs from the US and Australia in an attempt to create thick, healthy, dwarf heirloom tomatoes that can easily be grown in small spaces so EVERYONE can enjoy marvelous tasting ‘Matos! Their heights vary between 2-4½’, but you may still want to stake them as they are all supposed to be great producers and can get very top heavy with fruit! I’ve added 8 new varieties this year and all are in VERY LIMITED quantities, so don’t blame me if you miss out! After trying the Dwarf Tomato Project plants for the first time in 2014, I can try say that they NEED to be in everyone's tomato garden (and no excuses that you have no room ‘cause I grew mine in very large pots and they grew and produced absolutely fabulously!) Please, please, please give me your pictures and feedback!

New!Tomato ‘Boronia’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Boronia(78 days) From the Dwarf Tomato Project, this one is a cross between New Big Dwarf and Paul Robeson and boasts a flavor to rival Cherokee Purple! Has 6-10 oz purple fruits on a very compact plant. Photo courtesy Muddy Bucket Farm.
New!Tomato ‘Chocolate Champion’ Indeterminate $4.25
(75 days) Another yummy chocolate small Beefsteak producer on a compact plant from The Dwarf Tomato Project series that I can’t wait to try! He is a cross between Golden Dwarf Champion x Cherokee Chocolate so should be quite delish!
Tomato ‘Dwarf Crimson Sockeye’ Indeterminate $4.25
(80 days) From the marvelous Dwarf Tomato Project, this one grows 4-3’ tall and produces 9-12 oz deep red, very meaty tomatoes. A cross between Rosella Purple and Pink Berkeley Tie Die, two of my FAVES, so can’t wait to try!
New!Tomato ‘Mr. Snow’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Mr. SnowTomato Mr. Snow(85 days) Another Dwarf Tomato Project plant, this is a light yellow beefsteak that has a complex, tomato-ey flavor. He’s a GREAT producer on 4’ tall plants, so be sure to stake! Photos courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
Tomato ‘Dwarf Pink Passion’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Dwarf Pink Passion(80 days) From the Dwarf Tomato Project and recommended as a favorite from Bunny Hop Seeds, this one is VERY vigorous and disease resistant, and produces medium to large pink fruits in abundance that have few seeds and are just the right balance of sweetness and acidity. Our photos.
New!Tomato ‘Summer Sunrise’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Dwarf Summer Sunrise(75 days) Another newbie from the Dwarf Tomato Project, this loverly produces 6-10 oz. bright yellow, medium-sized beefsteaks with potato leaf foliage. Her taste is described as well-balanced and delicious with complex flavors; also has awesome disease resistance! Photo courtesy Muddy Bucket Farm.
Tomato ‘Dwarf Sweet Sue’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Dwarf Sweet Sue(?70 days?) This cross between Golden Dwarf and Green Giant (how funny is that!) forms a 4½’ tall plant that produces medium sized tomatoes that are pale yellow with pink blushes. Described as sweet and meaty, also a potato leaf. Grew her for the first time in a huge pot up by the house in 2014 and WOW, VERY impressed! I just might say she is my FAVORITE yellow EVER, with rich and full taste and great production (NOT a bland yellow!) Another one that will be on my “gotta-grow” list!
Tomato ‘Dwarf Wild Fred’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Dwarf Wild FredTomato Dwarf Wild Fred(?70 days?) This cross between Carbon and New Big Dwarf gets to be about 3½-4’ tall and has medium to large purplish fruits with very full flavor. Big producer, too! Well, Mr. Fred is another “gotta-have”! Good thing I put him in a VERY large container as he produced so very much fruit he would have keeled over in a smaller container! Need I say VERY prolific?! Do stake or cage him….outstanding taste! (VERY limited)
New!Tomato ‘Dwarf Wild Spudleaf’ Indeterminate $4.25
(75 days) This one is a great producer of 8-12 oz chocolate-colored fruits with potato leaf foliage; an AWESOME slicer and another winner from The Dwarf Tomato Project!
Tomato ‘Kangaroo Paw Green’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Kangaroo Paw Green(60 days) Another one from the Dwarf Tomato Project, this VERY early joey produced 4-6 oz yellow skinned and green fleshed fruit described as “tasty and delightful”….crickey! Our photo.
Tomato ‘Loxton Lad’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Loxton Lad(70 days) A Dwarf Tomato Project plant, 8-16 oz orange fruits are produced on a vigorous productive plant. Cheerful and delicious, he’s a fey bonnie Highlander! Our photo.
Tomato ‘Perth Pride Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Perth Pride(70 days) This newbie from the Dwarf Tomato Project is a cross between New Big Dwarf and Paul Robeson and has 3-5 oz purplish tangy and juicy fruits. Perfect for containers or small gardens and in VERY limited Quantities. Don’t forget to give me feedback! Boy, this one’s a nice sturdy grow and does extremely well in a container. He’s a great producer; fruit is smaller than ‘Rosella Purple’.
Tomato ‘Rosella Purple Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Rosella Purple(70 days?) Another from the Dwarf Tomato Project in very LIMITED quantities, this is the purple version of ‘Rosella Crimson’ (which was a cross between Budai and Stump of the World) It only gets about 3’ tall so perfect for containers, and has medium sized, very juicy and well balanced fruits. As you can see from my picture of all the tomatoes, she is a COPIOUS producer of large, perfect, “black” ‘maters (the little red one is an ‘Al-Kuffa’ for comparison). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her (just be sure to stake or cage her even if grown in a container due to weight and volume of fruit!)
Tomato ‘Sweet Scarlet’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Sweet Scarlet(80 days) Another great newbie from the Dwarf Tomato Project, this one is described as one of the BEST in the series (and from my experience that is sayin’ a LOT!) She’s a medium sized red productive sweetie that I can hardly wait to try!
New!Tomato ‘Tanunda Red’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Tanunda Red(65 days) An EARLY producer of smallish (4-8 oz) red fruits that are well-balanced, rich and delish! Great production also on this newbie from the Dwarf Tomato Project! Can’t wait to try her, and VERY limited! Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
New!Tomato ‘Tasty Wine’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Tastywine(82 days) Another Dwarf Tomato Project plant (and how I ADORE this series!), this one is basically a dwarf Brandywine, with 6-12 oz pink round outstanding fruits on a potato leafed plant. The later in the season the better it tastes! Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
Tomato ‘Tennessee Suited’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Tennessee Suited(80 days) Another great one from the Dwarf Tomato Project that produces 6-10 oz “black” tomatoes with green stripes. He’s a cross between Rosella Purple and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye which are two of my FAVES, so he is out of this world!
New!Tomato ‘Willa’s Caribou Rose’ Indeterminate $4.25
(68 days) A new MUST GROW from the Dwarf Tomato Project, she is an EARLY producer of 6-8 oz perfect pink fruits; I will be growing her FOR SURE in my pot!
New!Tomato ‘Earl’s Faux’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Earls Faux(78 days) A potato leafed variety that is described as yummy, he produces dark pink beefsteaks that are compared to Brandywine, only earlier and more prolific. Woo Hoo!!! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
Tomato ‘Eva Purple Ball’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Eva Purple Ball  (photo courtesy CM customer Kathy!)(70 days) This Heirloom from the Black Forest region in Germany produces perfectly shaped, 6-9 oz cherry red juicy globes; a high yielder, excellent disease resistance, and a great all purpose tomato! It was grown from organic seeds. A really perfect tomato and a new fave of Aunt Ruth and Contrary Mary! Photo courtesy CM customer Kathy!
New!Tomato ‘Faelan’s First Snow’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Faelans First Snow(70 days) A VARIEGATED sport of Cherokee Purple!!! Same AWESOME taste with beautiful variegated foliage (may diminish during the heat of the summer). A GOTTA-HAVE and VERY limited! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
Tomato ‘Flamme’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Flamme (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(70 days) This French Heirloom produces 2-3 oz persimmon orange fruits in abundance. A perfect blend of sweet, tart and fruity and gorgeous to boot, one tomato expert says “this tomato can do no wrong”!!! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.
Tomato ‘Fox Cherry’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Fox Cherry (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(75 days) This red cherry is reportedly one of THE best ever Cherry tomatoes taste-wise, production-wise, and disease-resistant wise! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.
New!Tomato ‘Frog Princess’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Frog Princess(78 days) Well OF COURSE I’m growing this one! Described as fruity, with both sweetness and tang, she produces medium sized green beefsteaks with few seeds (PERFECT for salsa!). Fruits are produced from bottom of plant going up, so look closely for them. Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
*Tomato ‘Garden Peach’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Garden Peach (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(75 days) This adorable Heirloom was introduced to American gardens in 1862, and produces 2 oz light yellow fruits that actually look like little peaches! A prolific producer, a favorite of all here, and a WINNER at our tasting! It was grown from organic seed. On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.
New!Tomato ‘Gary O’Sena’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Garden Peach (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(75 days) Described by Heritage Tomato Seeds as “one of the best purple tomatoes I’ve ever grown” (can’t get a better recommendation than THAT!), he is a cross between Brandywine x Cherokee Purple (and ya sure can’t pick better parents than that!). Apparently flavor and production are awesome; he is a very early ripener for a beefsteak also. Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
Tomato ‘German Red Strawberry’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato German Red Strawberry (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(80 days) This one produces 10 oz 31/2” long deep red heart shaped fruits. A great sandwich tomato; one expert called it “one of the best-tasting tomatoes I’ve ever grown”! Has solid meat, few seeds, and not overly juicy. Photo courtesy customer Lora.
Tomato ‘Girl Girl’s Weird Thing’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato German Red Strawberry (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)Tomato German Red Strawberry (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(75 days) I know, a rather unusual name, but this one is a Green Zebra mutation that was named after a beloved dog who loved to steal tomatoes. How could I not try this one?! VERY limited!
New!Tomato ‘Golden King of Siberia’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Garden Peach (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(85 days)  A BIG boy, he produces heart-shaped, lemon yellow, one pound yummies with few seeds! He has a balanced, sweet taste and is a great producer with good disease resistance. Photo courtesy Baker Creek.
Tomato ‘Goldman’s Italian American’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Goldman's Italian American(80 days) This fig-shaped, “wide-hipped” sauce tomato was discovered by Amy Goldman (author of the BEST “gotta-have” book, The Heirloom Tomato) at a roadside stand in Cernobbio, Italy. She describes it as “voluptuous,” making the “creamiest tomato sauce” ever! One look and you’ll be in love (what torture it is having to do this in January!!!). A high yielder, it’s also yummy as a fresh eater! Photo courtesy customer Cyndy (thanks!)
*Tomato ‘Green Zebra’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Green Zebra (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)Tomato Green Zebra (photo courtesy CM customer Virginia!)(78 days) This 2-4 oz green striped heirloom is Contrary Charlie’s FAVE (and actually all of us here LOVE it!) The taste is described as “zippy” and “tangy” and actually has different flavors depending on when picked — try it still green (not quite ripe) AND tinged with yellow (ripe)! It was a WINNER here at our tasting; grown from organic seeds. On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List! Photos courtesy Baker Creek & CM customer Virginia.
Tomato ‘Indian Stripe Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Indian Stripe(82 days) This HIGHLY recommended tomato produces LOTS of medium to large lovely and delicious fruits atop stocky plants. Grew for the first (but not last!) time in 2014 — very, very good, very, very pretty; reminds me of ‘Crème Brulee’! Crack resistant too!
Tomato ‘Indigo Apple Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Indigo Apple(75 days) According to a recent study that Baker Creek conducted, this tomato from Brad Gates had THE HIGHEST amounts of Lycopene and Vitamin C! If that wasn’t enough to recommend it, it produces a plethora of medium sized fruits that start out nearly purple black, ripening to red with purple shoulders and streaking. Beautiful AND good for ya! Great disease tolerance, resists sun-scald and cracking, and long shelf life may just put her into my next top ten(ish) list…..tell me what you think! I wanted to again show the different stages of this one that I grew in 2014 — don’t try to eat it too early or you won’t experience its fantastic flavor! I REALLY liked this one too!
Tomato ‘Indigo Gold Berries’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Indigo Gold Berries(75 days) A sport of one of our FAVES, Blueberries! Ironically Lizzie’s Blueberry Tomato plant produced these even before they were released by Wild Boar Farms, so we have already tried them and ADORE them!
Tomato ‘Jellybean’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato German Red Strawberry (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(70 days) A perfect little grape tomato---cute and sweet! A copious producer, and crack and disease resistant. Our photo.
Tomato ‘Jersey Devil’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomatoes San Marzano and Jersey Devil(80 days) This pointed plum (R in photo) has been compared very favorably with ‘San Marzano’ (L in photo), and many prefer this one as it can get VERY large (over 1lb!), so you need to do less work for more sauce! Firm and meaty, I’ll be trying it for sauce for sure! Thanks to customer Amy for the photo!
New! Tomato ‘Kodiak Brown’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Kodiak Brown(68 days) This beauty produces sweet small beefsteaks early and often! Perfect for salads with an old fashioned sweet flavor and outstanding production! Photo courtesy Muddy Bucket Farm.
New! Tomato ‘Krasnodar Titans’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Krasnodar Titans(70 days) This fantastic tomato produces round, red, 8-12 oz  fruits very early. Visually perfect and tastes just like a tomato should! Photo courtesy Muddy Bucket Farm.
Tomato ‘Lucid Gem’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Lucid Gem(80 days) Another Wild Boar Farms newbie that produces 5 oz very meaty yellow orange fruits with blue splashes and few seeds….is as yummy as her sister Tomato Blue Beauty! Our photo.
Tomato ‘Matt’s Wild Cherry’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Matt's Wild Cherry(65-70 days) Brought back by popular demand! He is a very early and very prolific producer of cardinal red marble sized gems; will self seed (hence the “wild”!) and is AWESOME for fresh eating , salsa, and introducing kids to the glorious world of tomato eating!
New! Tomato ‘Meat Breakfast’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Meat Breakfast(80 days) Sounds intriguing, right?! Thought to be a French heirloom, she produces stunning apricot colored medium sized beefsteaks with a sweet and succulent taste. Oooh lala! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
Tomato ‘Michael Pollan Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Michael Pollan(75 days) Yep, another Wild Boar one that has 2-4 oz fruits that mutated from Green Zebra. They are green with yellow stripes and have a “beak” at their blossom end….WAY cool! Milder and sweeter than the Green Zebra. (VERY limited)
Tomato ‘Mrs. Benson’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Mrs Benson

(80 days) She’s baaaack! I had lotsa trouble finding seeds for this beauty, but finally found them so I have a LIMITED amount for this year (yea!!!) Need a say she is a LUCIOUS Pink beefsteak from THE Mrs. Benson from near Oswego Illinois (and yes, I have met her grandson and he sez these are just as he remembered!). Early for a huge beefsteak, these are just as a tomato should be. Need I say more??! Out photo.

Tomato ‘Mrs. Maxwell’s Big Italian’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Mrs Maxwells Big Italian(80 days) A big, bodacious, beautiful beefsteak — less seeds make her PERFECT for canning, sauces, and fresh eating! Potato leafed plants and crack resistant too! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.
*Tomato ‘Neves Azorean’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Neves Azorean(75 days) This family heirloom produces huge DEEP red tomatoes that are perfect for sandwiches and have AWESOME disease resistance. On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
Tomato ‘New Big Dwarf’ Determinate $4.25
(Don’t ya just LOVE the oxymoron?) 60 days An heirloom created before 1915, it produces 8-12oz deep pink tomatoes on short stocky plants — great for containers!
New! Tomato ‘Noire Charbonneuse’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Pierrette(78 days) A French Heirloom with purple/black 6-12 oz Beefsteaks described as meaty and delicious and tres beautiful! I can’t wait to try her! Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
Tomato ‘Persuasion’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Persuasion(78 days) This newbie produces small rose colored fruits with green pink and purple splashes; a great and yummy producer and keeps very well! Gorgeous to boot. Our photo.
New! Tomato ‘Pierrette’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Pierrette(75 days) A French Heirloom with beautiful red scalloped fruit and a full tomato taste! Perfect for sauces, salsas, and fresh eating. Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
*Tomato ‘Pink Berkeley Tie Dye’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Berkley Tie Dye(70 days) Another newbie from Wild Boar Farms, this one actually BEAT ‘Cherokee Purple’ in a taste-off!!! It has 8-12 oz fruits that are dark, wine colored with green stripes and a complex, rich flavor. The plant is compact for an indeterminate, so great for small gardens. VERY limited; if you manage to get one before they are gone, please give me your feedback (pictures too!) On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
Tomato ‘Pink Bumblebee Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Pink Bumblebee (photo courtesy Baker Creek)(65 days) From Artisan Seeds, this one’s a striped cherry that is a real looker! Great producer and crack resistant too! Photo courtesy Baker Creek.
Tomato ‘Pink Ping Pong’ Indeterminate $4.25
(75 days) An American Heirloom that’s a heavy yielder of 3-4 oz  ping pong sized fruits that grow in clusters. Sweet and juicy with no blemishes, rarely cracks, and no blossom end rot too; grown from organic seeds. Recommended by customers (thanks Rick and Kim!).
Tomato ‘Pork Chop

Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Pork ChopTomato Pork Chop - photo courtesy customer Joe(78 days) Yet another intriguing tomato from Wild Boar Farms, this produces a medium sized fruit that is truly yellow (not orange); starts off with slight green stripes and ripens to gold. Flavor has a hint of citrus! R photo courtesy CM customer Joe!

Tomato ‘Pruden’s Purple’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Pruden's Purple (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(75 days) This heirloom produces 10-16oz pink (not purple!) beefsteaks with deep red flesh; compares to ‘Brandywine’ but reputedly a heavier and earlier cropper. Called “excellent,” “savory,” “luscious,” and “sweet” and is a Chef Bayless fave; grown from organic seeds. Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.
New! Tomato ‘Purple Smaragd’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Purple Smaragd(78 days) From Austria, this one produces fat, pointy, plum tomatoes that are sweet and meaty; perfect for sauces and salads! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
Tomato ‘Red Barn Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Red Barn(85 days) This heirloom from Kentucky is a large red beefsteak with outstanding old-fashioned flavor (just like Gram used to grow!) Again, this baby sold out in 2014 before I could snag a plant for myself! Again my buds John and Liz shared some with me…..BAZINGA! They are oh, so tasty; tastes AND looks just like the ones Gram used to grow! OUTSTANDING, delectable, and for SURE will be in my next revised top “ten-ish” list! Perfect for sandwiches or just for a honkin’ big tomato slice!
*Tomato ‘Red Rose’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Rose (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(85 days) An 11oz globe type tomato that is a cross between ‘Brandywine’ and ‘Rutgers’ and is described as “as good as a tomato gets”! Disease resistant, a big producer, and awesome for sandwiches; grown from organic seeds. On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
Tomato ‘Riesentraube’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Riesentraube (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(70days) The name translates to “great bunch of grapes,” and this one sure is a producer! Gorgeous flower sprays produce HUNDREDS of buds, turning into brilliant red grape tomatoes that are about 1½” in size; PERFECT for salads or just munching on right in the garden! Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.
Tomato ‘Sara’s Galapagos’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Sara's GalapagosTomato Sara's Galapagos(60 days) This one has 1” EXTREMELY productive and EXTREMELY disease resistant bright red cherry tomatoes….plant gets big and her taste is legendary! Our photos.
Tomato ‘San Marzano’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato San Marzano (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(80 days) This Italian Heirloom bright red plum is considered “essential”; is THE standard for canning and sauces — just ask my customers who make it a sell out immediately! We grow it from organic seeds. Photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes.
New! Tomato ‘Shadow Boxing’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Shadow Boxing(68 days) From Germany, this tomato forms a bushy, compact plant. Fruit is lovely red with yellow and dark streaking and a superior taste! Photo courtesy Muddy Bucket Farm.
Tomato ‘Shapka Monomakha’ (AKA Monomakha’s Hat) Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Shapka Monomakha(80 days) From Russia, a VERY productive Oxheart perfect for canning sauces, salsa, and fresh eating; BLT anyone?! Our photo.
Tomato ‘Shirley S’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Shirley S(85 days) A potato leafed variety that produces pink, large (1 lb +) beefsteaks that resist cracking! One of Steve from Heritage Tomato Seed’s favorite, so I can hardly wait to try her! Our photo.
New! Tomato ‘Sibirsky Velikan’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Sibirsky Velidan(68 days) An early Russian beefsteak PERFECT for short seasons like ours! Produces lots of tasty pink beefsteaks starting very early! Photo courtesy Heritage Tomato Seeds.
New! Tomato ‘Spike’ Indeterminate $4.25
(68 days) An early Russian beefsteak PERFECT for short seasons like ours! Produces lots of tasty pink beefsteaks starting very early!
*Tomato ‘Stupice’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Stupice (photo courtesy Totally Tomatoes)(52 days) This Czech heirloom is EXTREMELY early and produces deep red 3-4oz globes; prolific producer and sweet and tangy (like a mini beefsteak!). Received a great rating at Contrary Mary’s tasting and is THE standard for an early tomato! We grow it from organic seeds. On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
New! Tomato ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Sugar Plum Fairy(78 days) A round, adorable, medium sized “purple” tomato, this one has a sweet, smooth flavor and is perfect for salads! Can you say awwwwww! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
New! Tomato ‘Tang’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Sugar Plum Fairy(80 days) A lovely, round, true orange tomato with perfect texture, flavor, and form! It also ahs a gene that allows its beta carotene and lycopene to be used by the body without being cooked. How’s that for beauty AND health?! Photo courtesy Bunny Hop Seeds.
*Tomato ‘Thessaloniki’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Thessalonike (photo courtesy CM customer Kathy!)This Greek heirloom produces baseball sized perfect red fruits that are resistant to cracks, spot and sunburn. A WINNER at Contrary Mary’s tasting and a personal favorite of Contrary Mary Herself! We grow it from organic seeds. On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List! Photo courtesy CM customer Kathy!
*Tomato ‘Violet Jasper’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Violet Jasper(70 days) Also known as ‘Tzi Bi U,’ this Chinese Heirloom is visually stunning! These 1-3 oz cherry tomatoes are violet purple with streaks of iridescent green….probably the prettiest tomatoes I’ve ever seen! They also are EXTREMELY productive and tasty; let me know what you think (and I know you won’t be able to resist taking pictures of this incredible fruit too!) On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List!
*Tomato ‘Virginia Sweets’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Virginia Sweets (photo courtesy CM customer Virginia!)This American heirloom is an AWESOME red-gold bi-color that produces beautiful 1lb beefsteaks in abundance! Intriguing looking and tastes sweet and rich!!! A winner at our tomato/wine/cheese tasting and one of the most beautiful tomatoes I’ve ever seen! On Mary’s Top 10(ish) Tomato List! Photo courtesy CM customer Virginia!
Tomato ‘Vorlon’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Vorlon(?80 days?) This is another “black” tomato from Bulgaria, and is a fave at Baker Creek. Described as “out of this world,” it is very disease resistant, and very limited. We LOVE this one and make room for him in our garden every year!
Tomato ‘Wooly Blue Wine’ Indeterminate $4.25
Tomato Wolly Blue WineTomato Wolly Blue Wine(78 days) This one is adorable AND delicious! The foliage is fuzzy wuzzy, and the fruits are red, small (salad sized) with slight fuzz and purple anthocyanin patches (so VERY high in antioxidants!) I can hardly wait!!!!

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