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Water and Bog Plants

Contrary Mary’s offers a fantastic selection of water and marginal (bog) plants. We have a great variety at our farm in Minooka planted in and around our display ponds so you can actually see how they look growing in their natural environment! While you’re there, talk to us about installing a water feature in your yard-among its other redeeming qualities, it’s like having a little piece of paradise of your very own! It’s more economical than you might think, requires no chemicals, and is actually easier to maintain than having the same size area of lawn. (How could you resist??!!)

Water Lilies
Acorus Aureus
Iris ensata Imperial Magic
Water Lilies
Acorus ‘Aureus’
Iris ‘Imperial Magic’
Sagitaria Silk Stockings
Ruellia ‘Katie‘
Colocasia illustris
Sagittaria ‘Silk Stockings’
Ruellia ‘Pink Katie’
Colocasia illustris

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